Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Map Redistricting Issue fails by 40% 

Yeah, 70% to 30%. You don't see a whipping worse than that in our democracy. Yet the Dayton Daily News is saying the issue has some hope if more 'education' is done? I hardly think so. Unless the state Republican party comes out in favor of that provision, which it won't, it will never pass. Especially if it takes outside money to get it on the ballet again, like it did this time.

I mean, the Ohio Republican Party, due to hatred of Taft, is looking its worst in years, and the issue still lost by 40%. Barring a complete implosion by the entire party, the issue won't pass. And even then, I doubt it would. People would simply elect democrats instead of putting a bad amendment in the state constitution.

Such a clear, clear signal will hopefully send a message to those outside of Ohio that wasted their money to get this on the ballet. I don't think they'll try again, unless they're real fools. Which means they might try again, then, right?

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