Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Michael Steele for Senate 

On a more local note, the Lt. Governer of Maryland, Michael Steele, has announced his candidacy for US Senate, a smart move for the rising star. Incidentally, he's black, as the left is so eager to point out in a turrent of racists bile that has followed the announcement (the notorious picture can be seen here). The depths to which some people will lower themselves to gain a political advantage is astonishing, and I have to wonder how long the black vote will continue to play along with a party of such blatant double standards and racists undertones. For more on Steele, check out MichaelSteeleforMaryland.com, which seems to be just coming together. A few quotes from his announcement:
My mom worked 45 years in a Laundromat making minimum wage and still managed to put her kids through parochial school.

She never took a penny of public assistance because as she put it, she didn't want the government raising her kids.


Today... with freedom at stake around the world... with our country torn at home between extremes of left and right... with our families straining under deficits in take-home pay and deficits in get-home time... there is no doubt in my mind about what is right.

It is right that good people rise up and say... enough with the political games... enough with sound-bites in place of solutions... enough with the same old status quo... enough... enough... enough.

It is time to heal our divisions. It is time to empower people, instead of empowering government. It is time to change the culture of our nation's capital. And that's why I am certain it is time for me to run for the United States Senate. This is a step that I do not take lightly. It has come after much soul-searching and more than a little bit of prayer. I know this road will not be easy, because change is never easy.

And make no mistake about it... this campaign is a movement for change.

This should be a really interesting campaign to follow, and if the Democrats keep this up, its one we just might win.

What is the REAL, but unstated, reason Democrats hate Michael Steele enough to engage in a racist, hate campaign against him?

FEAR and a desperate need to distract the press and the public from focusing on how the Democrats have sold Maryland Blacks down the river.

Michael Steele is a native of, and lives in, Prince George's County, Maryland.

EVERY county and state level elected official in Prince George's County is a Democrat.

The majority of them are Black.

Half of the non-Black minority are Hispanic.

Top school adminsitrators are predominately Black.

If you believe the Democrat's rhetoric, you would expect Prince George's County to be a paradise, especially for "minorities."

You would be wrong.

Prince George's County's rapidly increasing murder rate is second highest in Maryland and the highest in the Washington, DC, suburbs.

Prince George's County's schools are the second worst in Maryland and the worst in the Washington, DC, suburbs. The Black school chief recently resigned while being investigated by the FBI; one of his

top assistants ($130,000 per year) has just been convicted on federal drug laundering charges and has been indicted on witness tampering charges.

Prince George's County has more car thefts and violent carjackings than all the rest of Maryland and the DC suburbs put together.

Attacking Michael Steele is just part of the Democrats scheme to distract the public and the press from their ongoing abysmal failure to either protect or educate the people of Prince George's County.

Unfortunately, the GOP will not field, much less effectively support, respectable alternatives to the failing Prince George's County Democrats.
I have lived, and voted, in Prince George's County for 27 years. I sent three children to county schools and have been a homeowner here since 1981. Thank you for speaking the truth about our county. I will be first in line to vote for Michael Steele.
Andrew, that banner is really ugly. Shrink it a bit if you get time, heh.
Happy? (jk)
You are my hero=)
Michael Steele is my man. But knowing Maryland, we'll elect the leader of the NAACP! What a nightmare. Lt. Governor Steele is just the man Maryland needs in the United States Senate.
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