Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Plamegame update 

Mr. Fitzgerald, thanks to new testimony by Bob Woodward, is going to have a bit of 'splainin to do to fix what he alleged in his indictment and press conference so that it matches this new evidence. Or, he can drop some or all of the charges, which since there is obviously reasonable doubt now about Libby's guilt, he should do according to justice department regulations (which stipulate that if there is reasonable doubt, prosecution should not procede--thanks for that fact, Fox News).

Here's the entire situation by Mr. Maguire, who is the king of this story in the blogosphere.

Libby's lawyers were trying to say that he alleged that Libby was the first person to tell Plame's name to a reporter, but they conveniently leave out that in the press conference announcing the indictment, Fitzgerald clearly said that Libby was the first "known" person to do so, leaving open the possibility that someone else did it first.
If the prosecutor believed that someone else did it first, why did he close his investigation? Why did he not continue to look for this unknown person?

What's great about this revelation is that is makes pretty clear that Cheney and Rove are not the unknown due to the way that Woodward worded his statement. The unknown is a 'former' official of the administration, which Cheney and Rove clearly are not.
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