Saturday, November 12, 2005

Riots and France 

Mr. Derbyshire describes the different 'seismic layers' that lead to domestic insurrection and riots (and writes that homogenous societies have had riots in the past too); this is an interesting read in light of recent events in France.

Speaking of which Mr. W.F. Buckley writes about the French tradition of the 'revelution' and how this is probably contributing to the 'Gallic Discruptions' (that sounds painful-ed).

Mr. Goldberg writes a more schaudenfreude-tinged piece about the troubles in 'Frarabia'.

I now absolve myself from writing about the riots that seem to be so over-deterimed no on can really figure out why they're happening. Well, I absolve myself at least for a little while. Understanding this one will take some time, I think.

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