Wednesday, November 23, 2005

the story behind the “Obesity Epidemic” 

A UChicago scholar with some sense. An interesting read.

But I think I can explain why people are obsessed with weight loss, and it's not for just medical reasons. It's because they want to be hot. Svelte. Seeing pretty people on TV and in the movies makes us feel inadequate if we don't also look equally trim and fit.

And anyway, it helps to attract mates if you're hot. And lots of people want to do that.

So simply, the answer is, as one would expect: sex.

Now let me go off and reduce something else to sex, like perhaps chess, or bridge...

Oh, and if only more people thought classical music was sexy and thus got interested in it. My life would be sooooo much easier. The lengths you have to go to find a woman with the same interests...

I mean, I don't get it. There isn't anything much sexier than one of Bach's fugues. Right? Right?...

Irony is sexy too.
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