Wednesday, November 23, 2005

To Hell with Good Soundbites 

Why is the American economy the best in the world? Because here, simply, you can fire and lay off people. Creative destruction is at the heart of good, prosperity-creating capitalism.

Here's a great bit from this article
Democrats wants us to become more like Europe, economically. Wealth, for Democrats, is bad. Making it. Nurturing it. Praising it. Bad. Bad. Bad. Wealth is icky.

But health care, presumably socialist universal health care, for Democrats, is awesome.

Paying for it? P'schaw. Whatever.

It never dawns on the Democrats that creating wealth, expanding wealth, extending wealth, and otherwise treating wealth like the good thing it is, could help pay for that health care. Wealth care is the best health care policy. Wealth care creates jobs. Wealth care creates innovation. Wealth care produces advances in technology and medicine. Wealth care makes health care more effective, more miraculous, and more accessible than ever before.

Let me sum this all up; it's like fire...gooooood, but simpler: free market = prosperity = goooooooood

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