Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Education Gender Gap 

If you haven’t been paying attention, you should know that it’s men that are greatly outnumbered at college nowadays, not girls.  While that’s good for young men (full disclosure—like myself, heh), since this means they can more easily find dates that are smart and attractive (although at elite institutions, since there is a large and highly competitive applicant pool, the gender gap isn’t as bad as at other schools—I believe it’s still near 50/50 at Chicago in the college), it’s probably not in the best interest of society at large to have a massive education inequality between the sexes (that’s one thing feminism did teach us, although why those same people aren’t sticking up for men I’ll never know—well, I guess it could be that many feminists were less enlightened than they claimed, and as their current hypocrisy demonstrates).  You should check out this article, which besides laying out the stats argues some policy points such as that the Department of Education should stop pretending that girls are at a disadvantage in the education system nowadays —a belief at complete odds with the statistics (thus the article argues the feds should stop enforcing Title IX).  A very interesting article.

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