Friday, December 30, 2005

Investigation into NSA leak launched 

Excellent. I hope several reporters and their sources go to jail for leaking and disseminating classified information, which is all clearly illegal under the Espionage Act.

UPDATE: Fitzmas does come more than once a year...

Another UPDATE: This column proposes some strategies involving how the President can shut down this NSA story once and for all and eliminate any ambiguity involving either the importance of secrecy in signals intelligence and in the importance of the executive having the power to operate secret searches on foreign agents.

One more UPDATE: This seems related--on the illusions in the democratic party that have persisted since Watergate, and why it hurts them.

Last update...maybe: Reasons why the law in surveillance at least needs to be modified--what we're doing isn't really within the scope of what a warrant's purpose is.

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