Thursday, December 01, 2005

Is it the End of the World as we Know it? 

According to this article in The Guardian, the Gulf Stream is weaking. A lot.

If the article is actually well-grounded, and not either alarmist or being based on bad data, than Northern Europe may begin to look climatically more and more like Northern Canada, which is on the same lattitude. Not so good for most of Europe. They could have another little ice age on their hands at one end of the spectrum, or something much, much worse (take your pick from this list).

If this weakening of the gulf stream is actually fact, than it is probably the result of decreased salinity in the Northern Atlantic due to global warming. I still don't believe that most of this warming is due to man (the climate, like during the little ice age, has fluctuated quite a but before industrialism), but it is worth pondering if we could do anything to try to change the climate to stop this from happening.

Hah, what a thought. Man changing the climate to do good. That would be a bitter pill for some enviros to swallow...

I often wondered what would happen if a tree was planted for every man, woman and child on the planet... something fast growing that would sequester a lot of carbon quickly.
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