Friday, December 16, 2005

Israel justified in nuclear pre-emtive strike against Iran? 

Glenn Reynolds thinks so, in light of what the Iranian president has said over the past months about the desctruction of Israel by Iranian weapons.

Given what Iran has said, I have to agree with Mr. Reynolds. Doing so would be in the best security interests of Israel, since they could defend themselves against any conventional attacks by neighboring states just fine. However, I'm sure the world shunning of Israel that would occur (more than what shunning is now given by Europe and the Middle East) would be a bit of a problem. But that reaction would be unfair, because if any other modern nation was faced with total annihilation, they would take whatever steps were necessary to save themselves, even if it involved a nuclear first-strike.

I say go for it, Israel. You'd be doing the world a favor by litteraly sending the Mullahs in Iran back to the stone age.

Is that hawkish? Yes? It's sad the Iranians have been so foolish as to have brought us to this point. Any nuclear attacks that occur by Israel are Iran's fault and no one elses.

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