Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lewis and Pullman 

I didn't realize that Philip Pullman, the author of the well-written trilogy His Dark Materials was such an angry, Christian-hating man. He hates the Chronicles of Narnia because he thinks that Lewis wrote them as Christian propoganda. But why he hates them specifically is unclear, since he's dead wrong on all the bad things he says about the books.

I also didn't notice, since I was markedly younger when I read them, that the Dark Materials trilogy espoused so many bad ideas and philosophies. I'll have to ratchet the books down on my list of favorites due to that fact. Great literature is transcendant. Pullman's appears to just be hateful below the great story he weaves. I mean, the whole story is full of nothing but evil, bad, corrupt Christians. How such a fiction could stem from anything but hate (hate due to what, misunderstanding perhaps, is another question) is difficult to imagine.

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