Tuesday, December 20, 2005

On the NSA listening issue 

Mr. Goldstein explains that, barring a widespread, Nixonian-like spying on political enemies instead of terrorists, Bush probably did not break the law, and, in the unlikely chance that the exceptions in the laws against spying (which are murky and cerainly not as ironclad as some people think they are--you seem to have the right not to be incrimminated by non-supervised government listening, but not necessarly the right not to have them listen at all), his war powers and constitutional authority as the executive put him clearly in the right. Duh. You may not like the guy, that's fine, but manifacturing scandal from genuine efforts to protect the American people (after complaining that Bush was asleep at the wheel on 9/11, no less) is absolutely irresponsible, and really, unpatriotic. Many democrats don't care about the country as much as their own political success. If they did care about the country (or weren't insane, because I suppose they could care but be so nuts that they can't actually take good steps to protect it) they would be stronger on defense. We can disagree on domestic policy, but when facing international threats, domestic policy is a luxury that we are allowed only by having a secure, strong nation.

Given how strong Bush has been in the last month laying out the way things are and setting the record straight, I imagine the frothing at the mouth by extreme congressional democrats will amount to nothing more than some good ammo for GOP television adds in a year. I can really see the calls for impeachment of the President for protecting the American people by Pelosi and others really working as great soundbites...

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