Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Paranoid Style In American Liberalism 

This piece by William Kristol really demonstrates the ridiculousness of many liberals involving the balance between liberty and national security. I especially like how Mr. Kristol points out that the comparison between the Bush Administration's strategy against Al Qaeda and South Africa under apartheid is many degress of magnitude appart. Read the whole thing. And then be sad, because he's not being unfair at all in that piece. Elements of the left have become farcical, so merely reporting accurately what they say and do is damning by itself.

When they lose the midterm elections (because regular Americans fortunately have common sense--they aren't blinded by unreasonable partisan hatred of a degree which I cannot put my head around) I bet the Democats will wonder how that happened. And I'm sure very little substantive self-analysis will occur of their policies, beliefs, words, and actions.

If they would merely look at themselves and become responsible, it would be better for everyone. However, I fear that until the baby-boomer generation stops being the dominant cohort in the Democratic party, they will continue to harbor deranged fantasies and paranoia that inhibit their ability to be responsible and think clearly.

That's a damn shame for the country, because even if they keep losing elections their erresponsible rhetoric and political obstructionism hurts the ability of those that want to govern responsible from doing so--both republicans and democrats (look at poor Joe Liebermann).

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