Thursday, December 15, 2005

A reason why McCain amendment is bogus 

It nullifies the primary reason for the geneva convention--to give an insentive to soldiers that practice warfare that limits harm to civilians. The insentive is to be treated humanely when captured. Here's thoughts from James Schlesinger via Rich Lowry:
Further, he says because of the McCain amendment, “We are going to extend Geneva rights to terrorists. That’s what we fought off in the Reagan Years in Protocol I. Now we’re going to legislate it.” This is absurd. “It’s appalling,” he says. And he makes a basic point: “The purpose of the Convention was to protect civilians. These people blow up civilians and we’re going to treat them as POW’s—it’s directly contrary to the Geneva Convention.”
Yep, we're giving the same protection to guys who blow up civilians as we give to soldiers that practice limited warfare and treat their POWs humanely. That makes alot of sense.

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