Wednesday, December 21, 2005


You see, Karl Rove is a genius. He clearly rules the world in his spare time when he's not hoodwinking democrats or blowing up levies in the Big Easy...

A little (just a tad) more seriously, the above article sums up how the democrats, by playing their cards way too early, have actually made Bush's position much stronger than it was several months ago, and their position very untenable:
Bush now has three gifts: (l) he has an out, in case there's another attack on the homeland (he tried, but his hands were tied by the Times and the Democrats); (2) he has still more sound bites--"We killed the Patriot Act!"--to add the pile that he had already, and (3), he has the chance to draw still more distinctions between the party of force and of public security; and the party that nitpicks, that is too legalistic, and that somehow always gives the benefit of the doubt to the criminal and/or the accused.

Really, humour aside, the article does make a good point about the NSA issue. The MSM and democrats have forced Bush to explain that he has been, for several years, working to protect Americans from another terrorist attack, in line with his constitutional responsibilities to those that elected him. It really doesn't seem like a good idea to run with an attack that allows the President to show that he's been doing a good job and been a strong, consistant leader.

Again, oops...

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