Friday, December 23, 2005

What to do with Saddam... 

...after he's executed? This article ponders that question and also looks at the execution of several different desponts, tyrants, war criminals, and various reviled people in the past. Dare I say it, although it's true--it's a fun read. (you're sick, or at least morbid.-ed) Tell me something I don't know. My love for history drives me to the brink...

More seriously, all of this talk is putting the cart a bit before the horse, since he hasn't been convicted yet (although, like the above article says, his conviction is not in doubt. Personally, as far as dealing with Saddam goes, I think we should have just put him in front of a military tribunal and executed him immediately afer he had no more intelligence value. Trying him the way we are is really a farce when compared to real democratic justice, because we're convicting him under Iraqi laws that were established after the crime. Despite this, I see the logic in letting the Iraqis follow an orderly process similar to a real trial in which they get their well-deserved revenge on the despot. There is certainly value in letting his death at the hands of the people he oppressed wash away the filth of his tyranny on Iraq.

Even though I would have done it differently, this way is fine, even though at times the court resembles an episode of Judge Judy. As long as he meets the hangman/firing-squad soon, either way is satisfactory.


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Put him with Pinochet and the Shah!
Hey, what about Bin Laden? Remember him? Perhaps I'm strange or something, but shouldn't he be somewhere on the radar?

I'm know a poor sport but he did kill thousands of Americans in terrorist attacks.

I've learned from reading blogs that there are an awful lot of awful people on the "Right" who spend a lot of their time thinking about torturing and killing their enemies. Unfortunately, their enemies appear to be "the Left" and Saddam Hussain rather than actual terrorists, perhaps because trying to kill actual terrorists might be difficult and risky.
Right on, Tom.

The rightnuttery is conveniently silent when it comes to Bin Laden.

They have been so thoroughly brain-washed by the Bush propaganda that many of them still believe that Hussein was behind 9/11. Evidence of Saudi Arabia involvement (17 of the hijackers were Saudis, not an Iraqi in sight)is out there for all to Google.

But fear not! Rightnutters do not like to relinquish their myths, lest they may have to think for themselves. And we know that they are not able to think for themselves: they need to follow the leader.

It happens in all dictatorships. A bunch of hapless twits get manipulated by a ruthless sociopath, and they believe anything that comes out of the leader's mouth.

Meanwhile, while we are wasting lives, money, and time in Iraq, Bin Laden and his cohorts are probably plotting the next attack against Americans.
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