Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Keep this thought in mind: 

A little philosophy is often far, far worse than no philosophy at all.

Oh, and read this book. Carefully.

UPDATE: If you want to read something very, very funny, read this.

Now, I'm going to imprudently say what I really think: most people don't really get that article at all.

And that's because most people are rubes. Not that there's anything unnatural or wrong with that. It's just the clear, evident, exoteric truth.

If you didn't laugh a lot when reading that article, go read it again. If you still don't laugh, I can only recommend one thing: read. Well, let me modify that: read, and think.

Well, let me modify that too: read, think, and keep in mind that a little philosophy is very bad. It just makes you a dangerous rube.

Another UPDATE: You might find this article useful in understanding why the above is funny. But only if you have it in you to laugh. Also, this should help.

Liberal education, is the counterpoison to mass culture, to the corroding effects of mass culture, to its inherent tendency to produce nothing but 'specialists without spirit or vision and voluptuaries without heart.'… Liberal education is the necessary endeavour to found an aristocracy within democratic mass society. Liberal education reminds those members of a mass democracy who have ears to hear, of human greatness.
If the reader can allow me to be imprudent again, let me say that I think the great advantage 'conservatives' have over 'liberals' in American politics today would be that they are cultivating those with the 'ears to hear'.

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