Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The ACTUAL cost of war 

In case you didn't know, being in the military is a rather dangerous job even when not engaged in a war. According to the data and explanations in this brilliant post at Instapundit, the Iraq and Afghan Wars have actually only cost the lives of approximately 800 more servicemen and women than was lost during the comperable period of Bill Clinton's presidency, and the military under Clinton wasn't fighting any prolonged and extensive wars. Garrison duty is dangerous too, because the military likes to practice realistically so that when war does come around, it is prepared.

Of course, this great news will never make it into any MSM besides perhaps Fox, if we're lucky. It just shows you how relatively bloodless the engagements we're in have been relative to ANY other war in US history, and really almost any war in history, period. Our tech superiority, and great edge in training and tactics, has lead to almost incomprehensible military victories. On these statistics alone, the two recent wars have been some of the greatest victories in US history. But most people aren't smart enough to realize that, and most reporters are too ideologically driven to dig enough to find out and report this.

So, now you know. Be heartened. We are victorious. The US has toppled two murderous regimes at a price far lower than was expected, and far lower than the threshold of tolerability (which would be tens of thousands of more deaths, if people had any historical perspective).

Again, I say, read the post linked above and savor our recent past victories, and what our glorious and brave armed forces have achieved. That's not jingoism above. It's reality.

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