Monday, March 20, 2006

The Drones of '06 

I, for one, am not a drone. However, I have to say, that even at Chicago, there are many people resembling what appears to be the average Yalie. It's sad that there are so many people out there that think they're smart, but are really unthinking, ignorant morons. Yeah, morons. There's no other way to term someone that supports genocidal evil while condemning things like non-fair-trade bananas.

Read this
, it explains why Yale is so bad (and to a lesser extent other places like Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, and Princeton--it seems that only Chicago is left to educate people well). If anyone considers a Yale education an asset now, they're a fool. It's pretty damn sad that many of the smartest youth in the country are being brainwashed. It'll be wonderful in 25 years when people like me are battling it out with these drones. There won't be debate, because you can't have debate when one side is too stupid to understand what an argument is.

It's too bad people at those so-called 'elite' Universities can't get a real education like one can still get at Chicago--Western Civ, Greek Thought and Lit, Classics of Soc. and Political Thought, a few Straussian analysis classes on Machiavelli, a clear understanding of market economics, and history classes that analyse real subjects instead of things like "Mass Media in 90s Mexico". Those'll make sure you're not a rube. Or, at least provide someone that isn't already brainwashed a chance to learn.

Am I mad? Obviously. At least I can look forward to the fact that people who identify themselves as liberals have less than one child per marriage (and many of them don't even get married). With such a low birthrate, liberals that learn to be liberals from their parents will go extinct. Natural Selection at its finest. Ironic, no?

I particularly like, looking back on this post after the emotion has subsided, the double meaning of the question "Am I mad?" Clearly I'm crazy, if crazy means not normal, because it's certainly not normaly to, say, actually care about things more far-reaching than next weeks' paycheck.
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