Sunday, March 19, 2006

Iraqi's are very optimistic, why aren't we? 

~65% of Iraqis are optimistic about their future. If Iraqis are, and they're the ones facing a threat of bodily harm every day, than why the hell are Americans so sqeamish that they can't support an effort that is costing them only money; the soldies over there are there willingly, and their sacrifices are a risk they choose to take. Unless the American objection is monetary, there is no legitimate objection to our efforts in Iraq at the present time. Any other objection is a sqeamish, spineless one.

When people complain that Iraq has 'great problems', they say so as if to indicate that our efforts our failing. This is due to a pie-in-the-sky sensibility that doesn't take into account the realities of the human condition. The US faces great problems. Iraq faces great problems. But both of those don't mean that good, well-planned and executed efforts aren't being made to solve those problems. It also doesn't mean that the future isn't going to be brighter than the present either. Problems will always exist. Why can't people realize that and try to solve them with some effort, instead of surrendering at the first sign of difficulties.

I don't want to call you stupid, but perhaps it is fair to label you as someone who distorts facts to fit a viewpoint. I would say that 65 percent of Iraqs being optimistic about the future says little or nothing. The Iraqi communists are optimistic because they see imperialist war as a chance for proletarian internationalism and unity. The radical shia's are optimistic because they're winning. I would say that most Iraqis are optimistic because they know, for a certainty, that we will one day leave Iraq, whereas they live there, and will never leave. In that way, their victory is assured. Asking a bolshevik if he was optimistic in 1916 means about as much as that poll. The real question, the only question of meaning... Optimistic about what?
Democracy, or Theocracy? Winning the civil war or avoiding it?
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