Friday, March 31, 2006

Photos of the "Gran Marcha" 

So, when can we build that wall? I'd prefer to allow millions of the oppressed peoples of the world who would be grateful, loyal US citizens to immigrate, instead of the hateful people that participated in that march.

One lets those that dream of insurrection into one's country at their own peril.

You know my policy idea--shut down illegal immigration, even if it is costly, and then allow a million legal immigrants a year, or something like that. But only give visas to the best, brightest, and most loyal to the american dream. Taking the world's 'first draft picks', as I've heard, would certainly be a good way to keep the US dominant in the world economically and culturally. And making sure they will buy into the American dream and become Americans will just make sure the US remains strong for the next century.

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