Saturday, March 18, 2006

Socrates' nightmare 

Beware weblogs?

An interesting and well-written piece, that. However, it fails to take into consideration a great benefit of the ease which the 'net gives to expressing opinions--it allows easy dissent from the "elites'" opinions. And that is particularly good if the "elites'" opinions are wrong. And in many cases, at least in this specific case, the MSM is very, very wrong about US foreign policy due to its great hatred and contempt of social conservatives and republicans, and to a lesser extent, many parts of capitalism and markets.

If web 2.0 keeps the MSM from writing the version of history they prefer, even though often it is contrary to the facts of what actually occured in the past, and if it reveals the blatant hypocracy that this often entails, than it is of great benefit.

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