Wednesday, April 12, 2006

“Ayatollah, Don’t Khomeini Closer” 

To not decapitate the Iranian government now is to merely court very bad things in the future:
Once again, we face a choice between bad and worse options. There can be no “surgical” strike in any meaningful sense: Iran’s clients on the ground will retaliate in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, and Europe. Nor should we put much stock in the country’s allegedly “pro-American” youth. This shouldn’t be a touchy-feely nation-building exercise: rehabilitation may be a bonus, but the primary objective should be punishment—and incarceration. It’s up to the Iranian people how nutty a government they want to live with, but extraterritorial nuttiness has to be shown not to pay. That means swift, massive, devastating force that decapitates the regime—but no occupation.
Iran, as the above article explains, has shown complete contempt for international norms. To try to engage the government through such routes is futile and dangerous. As the article says, the only result will be more westerners dead, and even more bold wackjobs in Tehran.

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