Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dr. Doom--for real? 

Apparently a couple hundred members of the Texas Academy of science have genocidal morals that make the Nazis look tame by comparison. A certain Dr. Eric Pianka, at a recent scientific conference before the Texas Academy of Science, advocated the killing of 5 billion humans of the world's population by means of the very lethal and very painful Ebola virus. The virus that liquifies your internal organs. He recieved a standing ovation from the audience.

Yeah. There are a lot of crazy people in elite academic positions. Too bad they don't get the publicity they deserve. Not because their ideas are anything but crazy and evil in a very real sense (and if advocationg killing billions of innocent people is not crazy and evil, those words have no real meaning). But because people need to know that there are these crazy and evil people out there indoctrinating others who may cary out their mad theories one day.

Islamofascism a threat? Hell, that's small potatoes compared to this insane secular genocide.

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