Sunday, April 02, 2006

'Flight 93' Trailer Pulled 

Sad, really. People want to ignore and forget what happened. That's why support for US efforts to secure itself are growing more unpopular. If the MSM would show the video of the airplanes hitting the WTC every day, we'd win the war easily, because support would not wane.

Going back into the bubble of western materialism without any thought for the people that want to kill everyday Americans will only lead to more days like 9/11 (I don't object to materialism and capitalism per say [and democracy and liberty as well], I merely object to living that life without thought to what it takes to maintain it, and what it takes to protect it against the real threats that exist against it). I wish more people would have some perspective, and some sense.

Never forget. Because Lord Acton got it right.

I think it's very interesting that it got pulled...I think perhaps this is a bad decision, but I wonder what films it was previewing before??

I think instead of pulling it they should of played infront of apropriate films.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com
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