Monday, April 17, 2006

Let's cut some taxes 

Here's a list of some taxes that Mr. Murdock argues should be cut to help the GOP in November, as well as the pocketbooks of most Americans Also, an excerpt:
Congress also should terminate the luxury tax on beer. That's right, beer. In 1990, as part of his notorious "Read my lips" tax hike, President G.H.W. Bush doubled the federal excise tax on beer from $9- to $18-per- barrel. While the luxury taxes on furs, yachts, and private airplanes were repealed, the Tax Code still treats beer like champagne. According to the Beer Institute, 44 percent of beer's retail price consists of taxes. As Steve Stanek wrote in the September 2005 Budget & Tax News, "The beer industry estimates the excise tax increase has resulted in the loss of nearly 60,000 jobs in brewing, distributing, retailing, and related industries." Congress should chug a few, then halve this levy back to $9. Better yet, stop taxing beer.

With such votes behind them, Republican lawmakers confidently can face their own base. If not, GOP voters will snooze November 7 and let spineless, spendthrift Republican congressmen confront enraged Democrats — like Christians tossed to the lions.
Only like?

Anyway, I'd really like it if beer dropped in price by a bit, since the ale I like is not cheap (compared to, say, Coors or Bud).

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