Saturday, April 22, 2006

A special kind of hell 

So, I was reading this article on the London Times' website about British attitudes towards intellectualls. In doing so I came upon this gem:
It is no accident that the two most important public intellectuals in America — Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens — are both British.
After I finished choking on my tea (Earl Grey, ironically), I couldn't bring myself to finish reading the article. If the author really thinks that Andrew Sullivan is one of the two most important 'public intellectuals' in the country, why should I trust anything else he writes?

Man, what kind of hell would we all be living in if that statement from the Times was actually true? Clearly, the author of the above piece confused celebrity with importance, and made almost no consideration of substance... To see what I mean, refer to Jonah Goldberg's forthcoming book What the hell happened with Andrew Sullivan.

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