Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Beer Rankings 

Always useful. Although, there is clearly a bias towards strong-tasting beers like ales, but what did you expect from a beer snob that actually has a compendium of taste ratings, heh.

I think they rated Goose Island Honker Ale a bit low, though. I think it might be better than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, myself, it had a more complex flavor a delicious note on the top of the palate. Of course, I've never tasted both side by side, so I'll have to reserve complete judgement until I have the cash to afford buying both at the same time to do a true taste-test.

However, I do agree that Guiness deserves a near-perfect rating. Of course, you can only drink it draft to truly experience it's glory. But, if consumed from draft, it's a delicious meal in a glass.

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