Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our Own "German Ideology"? 

Explain to me how this intoxicating swill is any different than the raw emotion that Marx appealed to?--it says all of the right things rhetorically, given its targeted audience, but makes no points at all on what a successful incarnation of it would appear to be in reality.

That piece is the work of a poet, and not a philosopher. It speaks some important truths, but it also intoxicates the reader with emotion removed from reason. Since the author seems to not follow up with reason and wisdom, he is thus a dangerous fool.

Even though Plato was being sarcastic when he had all the poets expelled from Socrates' Republic, he was making a very valid point with that sarcasm. Poets are dangerous. Especially this variety, that talk of truths without considering them with reason.

I sincerely hope that such unhinged populism does not take off in this country. That will be the true road to the death of our Republic and the return of tyranny.

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