Friday, April 08, 2005

Clinton Pontificates 

Here's a surprise: Bush and Clinton don't agree on something! Despite recent attempts to remove his foot from his mouth en route to a Hillary '08 Presidential run, Slick Willie is back in the saddle with his less than brilliant comments regarding the Legacy of JPII. After remarking on a "mixed legacy," he threw out the most ironic quote I have heard in some time:
"There will be debates about him. But on balance, he was a man of God, he was a consistent person, he did what he thought was right," Clinton said. "That's about all you can ask of anybody." [emphasis added]

Honestly, the degree of brash disregard for one's own past shortcomings could be the only explanation for that level of moral Pontificating. I was never particularly keen on the whole impeachment deal, although had Newt Gengrich been accused of perjuring himself to a grand jury, I am fairly sure that the Dems would have been out for blood. But to ignore the audacity of this man, in the face of a tragedy touching so many, is to ignore the true legacy of the Clinton regime: mediocre sleaze.
Want to talk about a mixed legacy? There's a chuckler. How quickly we are expected to forget White Water, Waco, The Embassy and USS Cole Bombings, Hillarycare, The Brady Bill...September 11th anyone? (news flash: Bush had been in office less than 9 months...) And who could forget Monica? Today marks the putting to rest of one of the greatest, most influential men of the century. It also reminds us, yet again, of how much a person can show us about themselves in just a few short words. In any event, John Paul II was a man who's legacy will outlive by far the lives and thoughts of his critics. And that's about all you can ask of Anybody.

no offense, but since when is the peaceful and relatively painless death of an 80+ year-old man a "tragedy?" he lived a full life, accomplished a shitload more than most people ever will, and met his end on his own terms. that's not a tragedy; that's a nearly ideal life story.
It is an ideal life story, I agree. Check out the post you prompted for some answers, or at least some thoughts:
(link to post here)
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