Saturday, April 09, 2005


A reader asks a valid question about how we are all reacting to the death of the Pope:
...since when is the peaceful and relatively painless death of an 80+ year-old man a "tragedy?"

I would say it is a tragedy for the same reason that we cry at funerals, even though the deceased are believed to be in a better place than we are. Because we don't cry for him, we cry for us. It is we who have lost a great man, a great Pope. His life works were tremendous, and few can hope to leave such a legacy to follow. So it is a tragedy for us, that he could not do more and that we go on without him. Thought provoking comment.

i really have nothing to comment except ....and i had something good to say there, but i forgot...er, yea...
and im not catholic, so i never really kept up w/ what the pope did or anything like that...plus u know that im realtively clueless when it comes to any kind of news nowadays (the whole liberty bubble)
ok, im done wasting valuable space on this thing w/ my nonsensicle babbelings...yes...cause everyone else is leaving you sooo many comments....sike j/k
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