Monday, April 11, 2005

Good thing Berger isn't allowed in the Vatican 

Remarkably, more than a week after I posted about Sandy Berger's weak plea bargain, and compred it to a situation involving Condoleezza Rice, Robert Moran at the National Review poses the exact same question.

Imagine for a second what would happen if Condoleezza Rice were caught by the good folks at the National Archives stealing sensitive documents by hiding them on her person. Would that story generate the same minimal play the Berger theft has? No — it would be a firestorm.

Indeed. He goes on to propose that Republicans push the issue by proposing legislation targeted at tougher penalties for such action. Pushing the Dems into a situation where they either vote for the legislation and clearly indicate their betrayal of the "bergerler," or stall the bill, and provide a talking point for 2006 better than any proposed memo could come up with. What is shocking about the whole story, as has been said before, is the blatant lack of coverage that this whole incident has recieved. The media hype over the so called "torture memo" still hasn't subsided, yet a man who stole and destroyed documents, not allegedly but actually, has been exhonerated by the MSM as a lovable bumbling character from the glorious Clinton years. Thank goodness he didn't attend the Popes funeral, or he might have stuck around to "borrow" some information from the Cardinals.

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