Saturday, June 11, 2005

School Year Reflections 

The end of the year, at last, has come; yes Virginia, even University of Chicago students have a summer vacation. Blogging will continue, at least mine will, but as a school year draws to an end, I find myself waxing into cheesy reflection on the happenings of the last 9 months:

+ There was that little piece of investigative reporting they now call Rathergate, which as we know led to a landslide defeat of George W. Bush... wait...

+ That whole election thing, or rather lack of a thing. Much less exciting than expected, though still more exciting than Kerry himself.(I know, I know... Kerry who???). From some early Corner analysis:
I can’t help but think this is Jacksonian America – tribal, but wise -- asserting itself. And doing so without bravado, but nevertheless in a convincing manner; wishing to send a message to the rest of the world about the freedoms it guards with jealous intensity and its quiet but relentless faith in the future. If nothing else, I hope this gives enormous hope to the rest of the world that wondered if America would remain that “last best hope”. And I pray we ensure those hopes are not false ones.

+ I joined the blog, embarking on an adventure that would see 6000 people read my writing in a single day, and remind me who my real friends are among it all.

+ The Orange Revolution is a testament to what is right about Neo-Conservatism, and the effects it is having across the globe. Go UKRAINE!

+ The Cedar Revolution (and some early adventures with "intellectual" critics, if the comments are any indication)

+ Terry Schiavo furthered the ideological gap between the lefties and main stream America, and another innocent woman became the victim of circumstance and laziness. RIP

+ Another great man passes from this world to the next, and we see the election of a new pope. Like many others, I am again reminded of how the Catholic Church is an anchor against the tide of relativism and the creeping death of classical morals (and civilization) that encompasses all of Western Europe.

+ The moronic filibuster fight heats up, and rages on to this day, although we know who's winning...

+ The Denim Revolution trips at the finish line, but we are linked on Instapundit in the process, and I get to name a revolution for the entire blogosphere... what a trip

+ and finally, the EU constitution eats it, to the amusement of pretty much everyone. France rejects the only possible way it could have balanced the United States, mostly out of hatred for the capitalist United States... priceless...

Its been a privilege to share my humble thoughts and opinions with all of you, in the company of two other extraordinary individuals, and I will continue to be grateful as long as I post on this blog. I would like to think that occasionally a reader comes away from here with a little more than they came in with. We can't always be the first to report on a story, although sometimes we are, but sometimes I think we are among the better to do so. I'm looking forward to a great summer, filled with lots of sun, fun, and probably more politics and blogging than can be considered healthy. Meh.

Here, Here to the man who resparked my interest in the Internet and getting involved in reading the news! God Bless you, Brother! And, God Bless the United States of America!

Glad to read you plan to continue your blogging through the summer.
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