Friday, September 02, 2005

Apocalypse; Poor and minorities worst hit [Updated!] 

Jason joked about it but check out the two below the fold headlines today in the Washington Post (free regisration required) :

The Racial Dimension
'To Me, It Just Seems Like Black People Are Marked'


Government's Role
Planning, Response Are Faulted

There you have it: it's all Bush's fault, and he caused he worst destruction on his favorite victims: minorities. Sigh

Meanwhile, as Jason also noted it looks like Bush is getting into his kick ass and take names mode: He arrived in Mobile and is headed to New Orleans later today. He has stepped up the level of his speeches, following what was a ho-hum address two days ago, and it looks like he is serious about getting things done. Maybe some of his critics will get the message, and stop with the pathetic partisan exploitation of this tragedy so that people can actually be helped.

[Update:] In other news, the meteorology inclined reader and myself seem to have reached a consesus of sorts about the cyclical nature of Hurricane frequency. Read the comments, and definately check out the cool linked data. Really informative.

[Another Update:] Since I have found the best way to refute and enrage angry liberals is to use their own words against them, please visit the blog of one Lazerlou, who frequents the comment section of our posts with some regularity, and get a feel for how the KOS-acks and others on the far left are handling another of Bush's evil plots for world oil domination. A sample of his "brilliance" can be seen on this post, to which I was forced to respond, as it questioned not only the comparative worth of my written offering, but the depth of my cognative abilities and the testicular fortitude of all on this blog. I encourage you all to thoughtfully refute the communist sloganeering, if you have the time and the stomach.

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