Thursday, December 01, 2005

History for more than Kids 

I may not be a kid any more (well, at least by appearance), but I found History for Kids to be very good. It hits on lots of causal factors that were never discussed in history classes when I was a kid. A great read, even for an adult. What's especially nice is that each little article has links to books on the subject. And these are real books on history. If you like history, you should check it out.

I stumbled on the site while looking for info on climate change during the classical era (which was obviously prompted by reading the subject of this post), more specifically during the heights of influence for Greece and Rome. I haven't found anything like what I was looking for, although a few of the pages I've found have been interesting none-the-less. If a reader knows a good site for climate and changes of climate during the Classical era of Greece, and even better during the Roman Republic and Empire, that would be great. I plan on directing my BA towards the Roman economy, and I don't see how I could do a fair treatment of my topic without considering climate change.

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