Thursday, December 29, 2005

Poll done on NSA Issue--most people support wiretapping Al Qaeda 

I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot.  I’m glad to see it appears that most Americans agree with me on the NSA listening issue.  Now some responsible politician needs to translate this poll into momentum for repealing FISA.

For more on the political consequences on this and other smears attempted by the Democrats, see this post.  I agree that several months of all-out political assault by the Dems against the President and Republicans having yielded losses and not gains for the Democratic party in terms of public support really doesn’t bode well for Democratic success in the 2006 elections—I’m just waiting for all those quotes about us losing in Iraq so we need to pull out now by Howard Dean, Pelosi, et al being used in some devastating TV and radio adds by Karl Rove, who is a genius.

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