Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iran moving to have capacity to build bombs in 16 day cycles 

Some anonymous State Dept. official Stephen Rademaker is saying this...

IF it's true (and that is a big if--although, what do you do if it really is true and you don't act?), it's about to hit the fan.

Time for the US Air Force to earn its keep. I, for one, welcome massive and decapitating air strikes on Iran. They couldn't be directed at a more deserving enemy.

UPDATE: Well, given that the source isn't anonymous (I misread the article originally), but the US State undersecretary for int'l security and non-proliferation, this seems like it could be the shock needed to justify impending air strikes.

But, unless on the inside of the Bush administration, one can only really hope they'll act appropriately and blow Iran 'back to the stone age'. Really.

Read the whole article.

Iran seems to be egging the US on. What is the point? Do they really want us to bomb them? Bush will do it for sure.

Their gamble is to see if their crazy talk can be done with impunity. If the Iranians find out they can be reckless and not get slapped down for it, then things will get really bad in the future as they try to push the envelope even further.

We either act now, or wait until massive terrorist strike occur within the security of a nuclear bubble.
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