Monday, April 10, 2006

Re: Re: On Condi's Music 

Exactly. The reason I like her so much is not just because I agree with her politics. It's because she's absolutely brilliant. However, she also seems to be a good leader. Brilliance and leadership are a rare combination at the level of her abilities. I hope for the sake of the country that she runs for POTUS, but she probably won't. That too is probably also due to her intelligence--why have your reputation ruined by a hostile press when you can instead be playing Brahms? I'd go with the Brahms myself.

She also seems to have good taste--the Brahms Quintet in f minor is a great piece.

Also, a little note: she inspired me to practice my violin for the first time in about two months.

Hmmm... Bloom, in _The Closing of the American Mind_, says that you should have heros that you emulate. Given that Ms. Rice is a scholar, a statesman (I'm not saying stateswoman), and music lover, she certainly has virtues that I want to emulate. Of course, the fact that I name a woman as a hero I want to emulate might be a bit of a problem given Mr. Mansfields arguments in _Manliness_, but I could counter by saying that Condi, like Ms. Thatcher in the past, is a bit of a manly woman (in the best sense you can take that--not insulting at all). Which reminds me, at the end of this not-so-little rambling digression: When Reagan said that Thatcher was the best man in England, I don't think he meant it as just a joke. I think he meant it as a high compliment and salute to her leadership.

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