Monday, April 10, 2006

This is disgusting treachery 

If this isn't treason, what is?

UPDATE: Just to be clear--I like immigration. Bring 'em in by the millions (I also highly support taking the world's 'first round draft picks' by granting visas very liberaly to engineers, scientists, and scholars--after at least a cursory background check, of course). Because LEGAL immigrants are in love with America, for if they weren't they wouldn't spend years jumping through the bureaucratic hoops to get here and become citizens; my cousin recently married a russian girl, and that was very tasking process getting her here so they could get married. Also, my ancestors are legal immigrants (Broander is swedish, but I also have scottish, welsh, and jewish roots), so of course I support LEGAL immigration.

Illegal aliens are NOT Americans. They are criminals. And when illegal aliens go out asserting political rights that belong to CITIZENS ALONE, they are being seditious. And for that, they should be kicked out. And those that try to play the demagogue to these criminals are themselves seditious and bordering on treasonous.

Legal--yes. Illegal--never.

Again, we come back to the statement of our time.

I've made my choice--I prefer to keep my nation intact, instead of allowing it to dissolve into globalist, relativistic nihilism.

Another UPDATE: Now that I'm calmed a bit--what really irks me about all of this is that there isn't a politician calling for a border that isn't leaky, punishment and deportation (at least for the criminals among them) for the illegal alien lawbreakers, AND much larger numbers of legal visas, from Mexico but especially from the rest of the world. Simply because we're next to Mexico doesn't mean we shouldn't have control over our borders, and the ability to retain our sovereign right to determine who may be future Americans. The more the mearier. Make it easier to be illegal, and tougher to be illegal. And no amnest (and I'm not dense enough to call something that is amnesty by any other name, despite what John McCain might want me to think).

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